Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Femforce #164 is on sale now and features not one, but 2 stories by me! The first is a She-Cat solo story which features a Raiders Of The Lost Ark type chase against time  ( one of the most enjoyable stories I've ever drawn). The second is a reprint of one of my favorite Miss Masque adventures. The description for the issue is as follows:

The FEMFORCE have faced many threats over the past two decades, and perhaps the most difficult to vanquish are those who attempt to play out their maleavalence within the boundaries of the law- and this issue, the FF (In the form of MS. VICTORY, SYNN and TARA) must parry with an old nemesis seeking to use the FF for his own gain. A solo covert mission turns to high-speed action for SHE-CAT as she fights to smash an underground organization bent on death and destruction, and super-scientist STARDUST ends up dealing with demonic manifestations in a pinch when forced to substitute for NIGHTVEIL, still on hiatus with her love interest, the recently-returned BLACK COMMANDO, as NV and BC are off for an extended session of R &R, which will eventually lead the pair into unexpected danger. In the conclusion of Eric Coile’s 1950′s-era retro FF story, the Eisenhower-era FF (Miss Victory, She-Cat, Blue Bulleteer and Rio Tita) team up with Fighting Yank, Yankee Girl and The Avenger to finally give the villainous Red Square his comuppance- but not before they must face the emerald threat of MEGALODONNA!! Guest-stars include YANKEE GIRL, whose accidental time-trip puts her in the right place at the right time to save the life of Merlin in “A Yankee In King Arthur’s Court”; STORMY TEMPEST, as she faces dwarf-sized cannibals and giant Amazon warriors in outer space in “These Boots Are Made For Walking”; DINOSAUR GIRL in the 1940′s-era adventure “The Thing With Two Heads’, and an encore presentation of MISS MASQUE in “The Funny Face Of Death”. Art by Eric Coile, ChrisAllen, Rock Baker, Scott Larson, Mark Heike, Stephanie Heike, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver, Bill Black, and Mark Dail; stories by Bill Black, Mark & Stephanie Heike, Eric Coile, Mark Holmes, Frank Tra, David Watkins and Stephane Durand.