Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Len Strazewski and I on February 14. 2013 in
front of Mike Parobeck's splashpage from Justice
Society Of America #1. See why this piece is so
important to me HERE
Back in February, writer  Len Strazewski showcased some of the comic book work he did in an exhibit  at Columbia College in Chicago.  The exhibit was about collaborations and featured the work of 5 illustrators: Paul Fricke, Norm Breyfogle, Scott Beaderstadt, Mike Parobeck, and myself.

The view from outside the gallery.

The work of Paul Fricke crossed over almost all the artist's
involved, forming a second set of collaborations

Norm Breyfogle's work on Prime is one of Len's most
successful collaborations

Scott Beaderstadt worked with Len on the Archie books

Mike Parobeck's work with Len on the JSA is probably
the most beloved of both their careers

Each of the illustrators had a little biography
including the work done with Len

Some of the Femforce work I did with Len

My work inked by Paul Fricke for Len's upcoming
Superhero business book