Monday, June 3, 2013


In an effort to keep my senses sharp on the comic book work I've been doing, I've decided to take the time to do other types of illustrations. This all began when I started to do some of the quick sketch drawings, that I try to do every week, in pen as opposed to pencil:

These were one minute sketches done at the Drawing Workshop
over the weekend

My goal is to start doing all gesture drawings in ink as well:

Quick gesture drawings on on my commute home last week

In an attempt to use up my old marker refills left over from the old storyboard days, I created this. The first thing I realized is that the ink from the refills works the same way whether it be on a marker nib or a paintbrush. While that brought back a few memories, it also reminded my why I didn't really care for markers.

I also drew some faces using a soft pencil:


And created a little watercolor painting:

Lastly, I took some characters out of a book of photography that was used by Norman Rockwell to create his paintings ( Norman Rockwell: Behind The Camera by  Ron Schick) and did colored india ink illustrations of them.

These exercises are fun and educational in many different ways. Look for more coming soon.