Friday, January 31, 2014


Femforce issue no. 166, which features the first of two Ms. Victory stories I've illustrated, is coming out next month. Here is a description of the issue:

 A simple trip to feed NIGHTVEIL’s cat turns into an extradimemsional battle for SYNN when a trap set for one heroine actually nets the other, in “Cat And Mouse”, featuring the return of the villainous VIVARNA!! Then, the story you thought you’d NEVER see-  “She-Cat Goes To Prison”, penciled by great new Spanish  sensation Manuel Diaz.  Cellblocks brimming with rioting thieves and murderers are NOTHING compared to the REAL danger ‘Cat discovers in the basement of the ‘State Pen! It’s a lucky thing that Ms. VICTORY  was in the area when a  touring mini-sub ends up at the mercy of a giant squid in “Pumped”.  While plans are made to start the investigation back at FFHQ, we  finally get a peek inside the headquarters of Century International as the master plan of WAMPYR and CIANOSE DJAB begins to unfold. SYNN makes an encore performance, teamed with a heroine from AC’s past in “Just Synn Time”, and we return to the mysterious Dawn World for a second helping of SHE-CAT solo as well, as we come to the stunning conclusion of last issue’s flashback adventure with CAVE GIRL and THUNDA. Then- NIGHTVEIL RETURNS!!  But, is she the same heroine that left? And, back in the 1940′s, DINOSAUR GIRL must contend with an entire island of feral, savage giantesses in “Found World”. Get set for thrills, fun and excitement with stories and art by the usual cast of characters- Mark and Stephanie Heike, Mark Holmes, Rock Baker, Scott Larson, Jeff Austin, Scott Shriver, Mark Dail, and Riccardo Desini.  All this behind a spectacular group-action cover drawn and colored by comics/animation sensation WILL MEUGNIOT!!

This issue will be released on February 26, 2014.