Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Over the course of the past six weeks I've been pretty busy. I was fortunate enough to draw a wonderful Miss Masque story for AC Comics, written by David Watkins. In addition to that, I've been working on a project for Moonstine Books. Moonstone publishes great titles like Buckaroo Banzai, Captain Action, The Phantom,  Kolchak: The Night Stalker, and Honey West. They specialize in mysteries, thrillers and pulp heroes. The story I got to work on for them was Simon Templar, The Saint.

The Saint started as a book series in 1928, created by Leslie Charteris. 

The character had his own radio show- the longest incarnation starred Vincent Price, 

movie serials, 

television show- starring Roger Moore, 

and a big budget movie starring Val Kilmer.

The version that we are doing is the original - 1930's London. But who is The Saint? Here's how Moonstone describes the character:

The Saint is an adventurer, but a gentleman above all else. He reads the paper, eager to find a cause exciting to involve himself in. His moral code is strong, and is motives are also good: he would never hurt, steal from, or kill anyone who doesn't completely deserve it. The Saint is the Robin Hood of modern crime: he robs from the evil and heartless rich, and gives to the wronged and deserving poor--in the process, keeping a percentage for his own expenses. He doesn't work for the law, the government, or anyone else. He is a lone wolf, but he doesn't hesitate to team up or collaborate with anyone, including official agencies, when the need arises. He is also a romantic who believes in the excitement of living.

Very little is known about Simon Templar's background, or how he became the Saint. If his origin and circumstances of his youth seem to be shrouded in mystery, it is because he chooses not to reveal it. He has a great sense of humor as well as a great zest for life. He is well-to-do, well dressed, drives fast cars, goes to the best places with the most attractive girls, all without any visible means of support.
The police, particularly Chief Inspector Claud Eustace Teal, have their own ideas about the sources of his apparent wealth and for years have been unsuccessfully trying to prove it.
But behind the Saint's sophisticated facade there is a very different man.
Had he lived in the Middle Ages you would see him as a knight in shining amour--a Sir Lancelot, a Robin Hood, a Don Juan, or in the great western tradition, a one man vigilante.
His enemy is not so much crime, but injustice. His impetus, the plight of the innocent soul in need of a patron Saint.
In achieving his objectives he can be cold, hard and always independent. Behind the casual banter there is always the aura of a coiled spring. Hating violence, he will not only turn the other cheek he will turn it so fast that all you are going to hit is the wall you thought he was up against.
Simon Templar faces doom with a cavalier disdain. Yet this is not to say he isn't in constant jeopardy. For if he moves in dangerous places and is himself, the most dangerous of men, he is nonetheless only a man. Mortal.

The Saint comic is written by Mel Odom and will be published by Moonstone Books. More information on the character's history can be found HERE, and the comic HERE.