Thursday, June 16, 2011


Back in 2006, Len Strazewski contacted myself, Andrew PepoyScott Beaderstadt, and others to draw stories for an anthology of stories that he wrote. I ended up drawing 2 stories, which have become 3 with at least one more on it's way.

The first story I drew was called True Colors and told the tale of a modern day psychic and business man who had stopped world domination when they were children. They come together again because the threat they thought they had stopped as kids has resurfaced.

After getting the letters back, I started the final step in the process- the colors:

For the dream/flashback sequence I chose to use simpler colors on the figures, not only because of the nature of the scene but also because the characters were children and comics for kids usually have more flat colors than sculpted/ modeled colors. This helps convey the innocence of the characters while the more detailed background colors convey the danger and the adult nature of their predicament. 

This is the final blog entry for True Colors, but there are more stories from this particular project coming soon.