Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Andrew Pepoy has worked for DC Comics, Marvel, Dark Horse, Archie, and just about every other comic book company out there. He is one of the best inkers in the industry. The first time I met him, wasn't as a comic book professional, but as a student at Loyola University Chicago. We had 2 very short encounters that I remember but he doesn't from back then. His name kept coming up with several of my teachers once they found out out was interested in creating comics. Andrew had actually started working in the industry while still a student.

When I met him again, it was several years later and he had moved back to Chicago after living in North Carolina and was looking for an assistant. I was recommended to him by a couple of teachers at Loyola as well as Len Strazewski. He sent me a very complex test page which he had inked and needed the large black areas added. This is called spotting.

The first thing I had spotted for him was 2 pages from Marvel Comics Mutant X #3.

Over the next few years I spotted many different pages for him, my favorites being from the 100th issue of Robin, who was a character I loved when I was little.

These are 2 of the pages I spotted in that issue

Andrew also helped me get my first published job in comics, Capstone Press's Marie Curie And Radioactivity and had been instrumental in my continued work at AC Comics

Andrew has not been confined to to just inking. Not only has he been writing and drawing Archie Comics' Katy Keene feature, he also redesigned Little Orphan Annie a few years back, and has had Simone and Ajax, a concept he created while still at Loyola, published.

As impressive as those accomplishments are, he has done more.  In 2007, he co-created a tap dance stage show. The Hourglass : The Poisoned Pen played in both New York and Chicago.

You can read an interview with Andrew HERE  and find him on his website HERE