Thursday, August 4, 2011


This has been a busy summer. In addition to the recently released Miss Masque Strikes Back for AC Comics, the completed The Saint comic for Moonstone, and the upcoming final chapter of the Len Strazewski written Stormy Tempest saga ( again for AC), I just finished my first project for Zenescope Entertainment.

Zenescope published a number of wonderful books, including the further adventures of TV's Charmed series. The project I'm working on for them is an 8 page story for the Spike TV series: 1000 Ways To Die.

For anyone who has not seen the show, Spike describes it like this:

1000 Ways to Die combines the science of living and the randomness of death with a dash of Darwinism. What actually happens when a rattlesnake's venom enters the bloodstream? How do Nitrogen bubbles affect the body after long exposure under water then immediately to 2 miles up into the sky? These questions will be answered in glorious CGI effects. Forensic experts, pathologists, toxicologists, herpetologists, and other experts offer eloquent explanations of mortality.

More information about the book can be found HERE