Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C2E2 2011 Part 1

This weekend in Chicago was the 2nd annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, also known as C2E2. This is the first of 2 conventions that we have here in the Windy City ( the other happening in the summer).

Conventions are always fun because they allow me not only to talk to different publishers, but also to buy lots of old comics. I usually hit the 25 cent bins and find collections that I make into bound volumes. C2E2 had a 10 cent been which was the epitome of a feeding frenzy. 

In addition to checking out the festivities, I was also able to visit with some of my professional friends in artists alley:

This is Newsarama and MTV Splash Page columnist Jill Pantozzi holding a painting
 I did of her for her birthday. Jill is my favorite comics reporter, despite her unhealthy 
obsession with Batman. Her blog, The Nerdy Bird, can be found HERE

Kyle Bice showing off one of his fantastic watercolor paintings. Kyle's a very
talented artist who attended American Academy Of Art with me. He's also married
to Natanya Rubin, who is my model for Stormy Tempest. Kyle's artwork can be found HERE

John Siuntres hosts, what has to be the best comic book related podcast around, Wordballoon.  He's interviewed the top comic creator's and I've found his program to be incredibly inspirational. Episodes can be found on the WB website as well as on itunes HERE

Jenny Frison is one of the best illustrators of comic book covers today. She's got a very 
unique way of working that mixes both traditional illustration with digital. Jenny's 
also one of the nicest people I've ever met. Her artwork can be found HERE and HERE

Jason Millet is a friend and fellow Chicagoan who works on both comic books and 
advertising illustration. His artwork can be found HERE

On Sunday, I got to spend some time with Al Vey, who has inked 
many pages for both Marvel and DC Comics. Most notable was the Kurt Busiek/ George perez run on the Avengers. The first volume of which can be found HERE

Inker Andrew Pepoy, friend and mentor who I have known for a very 
long time. Andrew's currently doing some excellent work for Archie Comics
His work can be found HERE

Steve Bryant works on Athena Voltaire and is a very talented 
and extremely friendly guy. His artwork can be found HERE

Most of the artists are Chicago based, but also do conventions around the country. They do fantastic work and are worth taking he time to check out.