Tuesday, March 29, 2011


I had mentioned a couple of months ago that in addition to classroom figure drawing, I also learned a lot out of books.

There was a series of books, initially centering on figure drawing and anatomy and later delving into light and shade and clothing wrinkles. The books were written by an illustrator named Burne Hogarth who had not only had been an illustration teacher, but had also drawn the Tarzan comic strip for many years.

The books are full of information. They have been, and still are, incredibly helpful when it comes to drawing human proportions, dynamic movement, clothes, and shadows. The anatomy is very stylized and a knowledge of the actual anatomic structure is important to have before embarking on what Hogarth is teaching.

a few drawings I did out of Hogarth's books back in the early '90's

I can not recommend Burne Hogarth's books enough. Luckily, even though he passed away some time ago, his books are still in print. They can be found HERE