Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Kong: King Of Skull Island, was a 5 limited series that was published by Markosia. It was based on a book illustrated by Joe Devito and co-written by Brad Strickland.  The book was a sequel to the King Kong story, following the footsteps of Carl Denham's son, Vincent,  as he travels to Skull Island to locate his missing father. In the course of the story, we discover Kong's backstory. So I was to draw issues 3 and 5. However, because of scheduling problems, I was asked to pitch in and draw the second half of issue #4 as well.

In the pages that follow, redrawn for the trade paperback, Kong is captured by the islanders, escapes,  and fights the dinosaur Gaw:

The book, Kong: King Of Skull Island, by Joe Devito and Brad Strickland can be found HERE and the TPB ( that I drew) is HERE