Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When it comes to my artwork, I can be very selfish. I am unwilling to ink over my finished pencils because I want to keep the original artwork as it is. So how do I ink it?

My first step is to finish the art in the pencil stage, putting as much detail in it as I possibly can.

This is the first page from Len Stazewski's Milos saga, 
which will be printed in an upcoming anthology.

Once the pencils are finished, I scan them into the computer. If they are being inked by someone else. I send them to the editor and wash my hands of them, eagerly awaiting the final printed comic. If I'm inking them myself, I convert the art digitally to non-photo blue and print it out on bristol board.

I then ink over that, so I end up with both a finished pencil copy as well as an inked copy. 

The inked page with letters by the great Willie Schubert

I do this mostly because I don't consider myself an inker, so if I mess up the page, I'll still have the original. Although I end up using more paper, the process works well for me.