Monday, April 18, 2011


In earlier posts I've talked about my process of doing rough pencils before going to final. When I do go to final pencils, I use the roughs as an underlay and use a lightbox in order to draw onto bristol board. A lightbox  allows things to be seen through paper by shining a light  through it.

 I tape a copy of the rough pencils to the lightbox and then place the bristol board over it.

Because I can see the image underneath I draw over it onto the board. I'm also able to make final changes to the pages at this stage. I usually go slower with this stage to make sure that I'm doing it correctly.

Once the drawing is on the board and I have finished with the lightbox, I add small details - like strands of hair- and the blacks.

This final stage can take some time but is usually the quickest part of the process.