Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Jerry Salinas is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the finest artists who I have ever been associated with.

Jerry has been working with me for the past seven years at Steven Edsey & Sons. He is someone who I like working with because not only because of his artwork, but also because he is able to remain professional while being laid back at the same time. 

As great as his storyboard work is, he is an artist who is always changing and always experimenting. Recently he has been using a realistic digital technique:

Another thing that's so inspirational about Jerry is that he is always trying to better himself by doing figure drawing and oil painting. This keeps him from getting locked into one style and allows him to explore different mediums, which he later brings into all of his work.

Out of all the different creative people who I've met Jerry Salinas really stands out. He may not be the best illustrator I've ever met, but I'd have to say he's one of the best artists.

Jerry's artwork can be found HERE and HERE