Wednesday, April 6, 2011

FEMFORCE 151 ( November 2009)

The following are pencils I did for AC Comics' Femforce #151. The story was 7 pages of conversation  so it's not the most exciting thing I've ever drawn. The plot deals with the repercussions of Femforce #150 ( which I was unable to work on due to my redrawing of the King Kong trade paperback). The return of the once deceased Stardust and the blinding of Captain Paragon.

 RECOVERY is the lead story of the issue.

This issue had a feature that was very important to me. The flip side of the book featured my painted cover for Gargantarama #14 - the first painted cover I've done:

See my process for creating the cover HERE

Femforce #151 was published in January 2010, and can still be found online HERE