Thursday, February 3, 2011

FEMFORCE 149 ( January 2009)

The following are pencils that I did for AC Comics  Femforce #149. This is the first story in which I started to become aware of putting more detail into the pages that I was drawing. The reason for this was that I saw what inker Jeff Austin had done to the previous pages that I had worked on and was inspired. This pointed me in a direction that I hadn't considered before.

The title of the story is BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR and stars Ms. Victory and She-Cat.

The story begins with something crash landing in a Florida alley. 
There are 2 people left behind - a naked woman and a man that we can't see clearly.

The woman, confused as to who and where she is,
 spots 2 men - who are deposing of a 
dead body - and asks them for help.

The men think that she's seen too much and decide to eliminate her.

The attacking criminal passes right through the woman. His
flesh is burned off leaving only his skeleton behind.

Meanwhile Ms. Victory and She-Cat are flying above the city. They see
a flash and decide to investigate.

Back to the woman, who is horrified by the deaths of the criminals. 
She is reminded of the other figure in the alley, who
turns out to be Paragon, Ms. Victory's husband.

Ms Victory and She-Cat arrive in the alley. They are shocked to 
discover that the woman knows them by their civilian names. She-Cat attacks.

The woman claims to be their friend, and fellow adventurer Stardust, who had died in issue 140. She warns them that the "Old Dark Ones" are coming and disintegrates. They spot Paragon, who has been blinded. 

This story lead to the 150 anniversary issue of Femforce and was written by John Gotschall.  My model was my friend Megan O' Brien, who did a spectacular job. Learn more about the issue HERE.