Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Heretic: Templar Chronicles was the first project I worked on for Markosia Enterprises, starting back in 2007. The graphic novel was based on the the novel by Joseph Nassise and deals with the adventures of modern day Templar Knights. The knights fight ghosts, zombies and are lead by Cade Williams, who has the ability to cross over into the world of the dead. The following pages show Cade and fellow knight Sean Duncan battling ghosts until they are forced to flee into the great beyond.

Originally planned as a 6 issue limited series, the series was cancelled at issue 3, with the intent to publish issues 4, 5, & 6 along with the first 3 issues as a complete trade paperback. The first artist had left the series after the 3rd issue and I was asked to do chapters 4-6, all of which I had completed ( 85 pages total). Of the 3 issues I drew, this one was the most fun because it was the most action packed. To this day, the trade has not been published and it seems unlikely that it will be. If you're interested in this type of story, it's probably worth it to get a copy of the novel. It can be found HERE