Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Mike Edsey is one of the illustrators at Steven Edsey & Sons, the advertising illustration studio where I work by day coordinating projects.  Mike primarily draws storyboards and animatics, but had worked on a couple of  Malibu's Ultraverse titles, with writer James Robinson, in the 1990's.

When I started at the studio, my intention was to become a storyboard artist. I met a lot of wonderful illustrators who inspired me in many ways.  Mike took me on as an assistant. He taught me how to color - first with markers and later digitally- and suggested many things which has benefitted my artwork. 

 Mike, along with myself and other illustrators from the Edsey studio, was one of the 
contributors to Epoch #1 (1999)

These are some of Mike Edsey's storyboard frames. He's especially good at drawing women and children. If you'd like to see more, his artwork can be found HERE.