Thursday, February 10, 2011


I have a confession to make: I hate it when I can only do rough pencils that someone besides me will ink. Sometimes, because of time constraints, I will only do rough pencils ( sometimes called "breakdowns") and the inks will be added to them ( sometimes called "finishes"). There are reasons why I dislike this so much. The first is that I am unable to correct mistakes in the roughs and because of this they make it into the finished art ( more on this in a future post). The second is that I feel like I'm abandoning my work. I can get roughs done fairly quickly and because of this the blood, sweat, tears, and love just don't make it into the drawings. Thirdly, I just like to have control over how this stuff will look for as long as possible. I like determining where the blacks will be, for example. Below are three pages of roughs that I did for AC Comics  Femforce #149. The inks are done by Mark Heike.

This story lead to the 150 anniversary issue of Femforce.  Learn more about the issue HERE.