Friday, February 11, 2011


Every artist has to start somewhere. My first figure drawing class was at Truman College in Chicago. It was one semester and, like most 19 year olds who had never experienced it before, I was very shocked to see someone posing nude. I got over it real fast when I realized that no one else in the class even noticed.

Two years later, I had Drawing 101 at Loyola University Chicago. In that class, we not only had nude models, but we also had to do self-portraits and all kinds of other things. I now cringe at the stuff I turned out in that class.

The second drawing class I had at Loyola was a Human Figure Drawing And Painting class. At that point I had done a lot of studying out of books and had a much better grasp on some of the basic principle of drawing figures.

I was still a few years away from a lot of the breakthroughs that would eventually come.