Monday, January 31, 2011


Last year, I asked Mark Heike, my AC Comics editor, if I could do a painted cover for one of the issues. He suggested that I come up with an idea for Gargantarama, which runs on the flip side of the Femforce title.  Gargantarama features giant women. I gave Mark 4 different options and this is the one he liked the best.

My friend, Donna Whalley, was the model and did several poses for me.

This is the drawing that Mark liked the most. He had some additions - that I add a city onto the piece for Earth that was being lifted, that she have a manic smile on her face, and that there should be a raging fire behind her.

This is the revised pencil I sent him.

When I do a painting, I usually start with a marker comp to get a feel for the direction that I'm going in. When I  sent this to Mark, he decided that we should loose the fire in the background and just go with  fire-like colors.

 I paint with gouache and started with a black and white value study.

Once satisfied with the b/w piece, I added color to it. This is the finished painting.

And here is the finished cover. Gargantarama #14, which appeared on the flip side of Femforce # 151, March 2010.