Thursday, January 20, 2011


It's always weird for me to look back on old artwork, especially when I compare it with what I'm doing now. Waaaay back in 2008, I penciled "Trophy Wife Scorned" for AC Comics starring the character Blue Bulleteer. Originally the story was supposed to appear in an issue of Femforce, but was shuffled to their Green Lama title. 

A cold and wet Blue Bulleteer arrives at the city morgue where she identifies 
the body of dead crime lord, Carlos Manettti.

BB hears someone approaching and hides. Two thugs come in carrying gas cans.

They are followed by femme fatale, Lea Manetti - widow of the deceased gangster.
She orders the thugs to burn down the morgue which will also
destroy her dead husbands appearance.

BB surprises the thugs and a fight ensues!

Lea shoots her tommy gun, but it fires wildly, killing one of the thugs and starting a fire.

The gun jams before Lea can shoot the Blue Bulleteer. BB knocks the femme fatale 
through the door of the morgue.

Outside in the rainy alley,  the Blue Bulleteer confronts Lea. The widow 
throws her shoes at BB, who knocks her out and leaves her for the police.