Thursday, January 27, 2011


Way back in the fall of 2008, AC Comics editor, Mark Heike asked me if I wanted to draw a few stories for his Femforce title. Mark had inked me on the Marie Curie book I penciled for Capstone Press. The first script I got from him was a 5 pager that saw print in Femforce #147. The story was titled TOMB RETURNERS and Starred She-Cat, Firebeam, and Miss Masque. In short, while breaking up a smuggling ring, Firebeam and Miss Masque discover an ancient artifact. After conferring with She-Cat, the girls realize that they must go to Egypt to unearth a bigger mystery surrounding the artifact.

Want to know where the story goes from there? Femforce #147 was published in January of 2009, but is still available - in it's third printing- here